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A Hand in Need

by Admin, 2019-09-22

Pune (Maharashtra):Relief and charitable Foundation of India (RCFI) in association with The Meem Foundation distributed wheelchairs to 35 impoverished disabled in Pimpri Pune. Based on a survey conducted to assess the need for wheelchairs in various villages and slums with the support of Pimpri Meem Foundation, RCFI under the supervision of the General Secretary Dr.MAH Al Kandi took the initiative.

 The distribution program to the identified people lead by Rasheed Punnassery (Join Director RCFI) and officials from the Pune Corporation in presence of great personalities. RCFI is actively working in five districts of Maharashtra with several initiatives in rural villages are going on under Vision Smart Village campaign and 62 primary education centers have been constructed so far said Mr.Rasheed in his speech.

 The programme conducted in Pimpri Royal Castle Hall and many local leaders and social workers attended. Pune Corporation ex Mayer Hanumandra Bosle inaugurated the programme and Dr. Vaishali Ghotekhar, Rahul Bosle (corporation member), Dr. Dhiraj Kulkarni, Mujabbar Ali Sheikh, Asif Ali (Meem Foundation) VM Kabeer (Pune Muslim Jamat) and Suhar Husain (RCFI) participated.