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Orphan Care

It is estimated that 153 million children are orphans world over. In India it is about 20 million that is 4% of the total population. A major share of the community developmental work under RCFI goes for the welfare and rehabilitation of the orphans. The main objectives of this programme are `No Orphan Without Education` and to help change society`s mindset towards orphans. Through generous supports from people around the world, we take care 6500 orphans in the country providing them wholesome care and protection from their own home. This facilitates them access to educational and other needs without going to the institutional orphanages. Nowadays most institutional orphanages are overcrowded, dilapidated and even their basic needs are not met. In this context, this programme helps them to fulfill their primary needs of life especially education and need for food, clothing, and medical etc. Also, they are being equipped with jobs and training in art, craft, vocatio

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